About Perks99

We build sustainable connections between workplaces, restaurants, and the environment through technology.

The Workplace

A Unique Stress-Free Workplace Lunch Experience

Let’s be realistic – workplace lunch is stressful and time-consuming, delivery costs too much, and the takeaway plates are bad for the environment… so we fixed them. We knew there had to be a way to provide free food delivery , and delicious, fresh, warm, economical meals at the workplaces with sustainable food packages. That’s why we created Perks99!

The Restaurants

Recurring-Based Restaurant Delivery is the Newest Subscription Wave

Working Professionals Crave About Sustainable Stress-Free Lunches. Let’s Give It T o Them.

The Planet

How Might We Get Food T o People Without Generating Plastic Waste?

Enjoying a delicious take-out meal doesn’t mean the environment has to suffer.

The Problem With Plastic Plates and Possible Solutions

A huge portion of single-use plastic in our collective footprint comes from plastic plates which are threatening our environment. One of the fastest-growing sectors is food deliveries, which offered consumers safe, socially-distanced, and convenient services

But We Have a Solution That Can Help Solve This Problem.

Bamboo bento plates, cutlery, and retro delivery bags will be used for deliveries and pick-ups. Temperature-controlled food portals will be stationed at the customer’s place of work and during lunch breaks, customers will scan a QR code to access the food portal and collect their meals.

What Can You Do?

here are ways that we can make greener choices without having to wait for businesses to take action. Some methods include carrying a zero-waste food kit, saying no to bottled beverages, and subscribing to Perks99 sustainable food delivery packages.